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“They’ll sell you thousands of greens. Veronese green and emerald green and cadmium green and any sort of green you like; but that particular green, never.” - Pablo Picasso, (1966)

Use the palettes of famous artists in your own visualizations.


Install the latest version from GitHub.

# Install remotes to download.

# And then install from github.


rtist provides color palettes from famous artists and paintings. You can quickly view and see all possible palettes using rtist_help().

# Load package

# Display possible palettes
#>        rtist                      Painting            Artist
#> 1    raphael Saint Catherine of Alexandria           Raphael
#> 2    hokusai       Great Wave off Kanagawa           Hokusai
#> 3    vermeer     Girl with a Pearl Earring  Johannes Vermeer
#> 4      degas                      L Etoile       Edgar Degas
#> 5    davinci                     Mona Lisa Leonardo Da Vinci
#> 6    vangogh                  Starry Night  Vincent Van Gogh
#> 7     hopper                    Nighthawks     Edward Hopper
#> 8      klimt                      The Kiss      Gustav Klimt
#> 9  rembrandt                The Nightwatch         Rembrandt
#> 10     munch                    The Scream      Edward Munch
#> 11    warhol                  Flower, 1964       Andy Warhol
#> 12   okeeffe              Abstraction Blue  Georgia O'Keeffe
#> 13 oldenburg    Red Tights with Fragment 9   Claes Oldenburg
#> 14   picasso                     The Dream     Pablo Picasso
#> 15   pollock                      Number 1   Jackson Pollock

There are 15 palettes total.

After finding a palette, go ahead and select that palette along with however many colors you want.

# Load package

# Choose Warhol

# Choose 4 colors from Picasso
rtist::rtist_palette("picasso", 4)


This package was mostly built to teach me package development. It was largely inspired by Ewen Henderson’s ghibli package and Karthik Ram’s wesanderson package.

The palettes themselves come from 10 Color Palettes Based on Famous Paintings and Color Lisa. Check those out for other awesome palettes.