Introduction to sciRmdTheme: An R package for Styling Scientific Rmarkdown Documents

Obinna N. Obianom


The use of R Markdown and R Notebook for documenting processes, experiments and for writing reports has continued to grow in the last 5+ years. This is exciting, as more and more companies are also starting to adapt it for bookkeeping purposes. However, the available R markdown templates are not well-suited for professional reports and displays. Therefore, the purpose of the sciRmdTheme package is to provide more tools to help data analytists, scientists and writers in drafting professional R markdown pages.

Installation and Library Attachment

The sciRmdTheme package is available on CRAN and can be installed as shown below


Attach library



The sciRmdTheme can be used within the R Markdown document using an R chunk as shown below


or by using the available options. An example of how the available options can be used is show below

  theme = "default",
  color = "purple",
  header.image="", = "arrow", = "Arial",
  font.color = "#333",
  header.color = "blue"


Examples and Demo Pages

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