Graphical User Interface for Seasonal Adjustment

An R package that unifies the shiny-based graphical user interfaces from the seasonal and x13story packages and the online adjustment tool on

To install from CRAN, use:



The main function of the package is the view function, which works like the depreciated inspect function in seasonal (which it replaces). seasonalview is imported by seasonal, so loading is not necessary:

m <- seas(AirPassengers)

X-13 Story

If you have the x13story package installed, you can call the function with the story argument. This will render an R Markdown document and produce a story on seasonal adjustment that can be manipulated interactively.

view(story = "")


Finally, you can set up a stand-alone seasonal adjustment tool, either locally or on a server. While itself not very useful, the standalone function showcases how a local version of would look like:


License and Credits

seasonalview is free and open source, licensed under GPL-3. It is built on top of a large number of great open source tools. It uses shiny and shinydashboard, through which it accesses jQuery, bootstrap and AdminLTE, which in turn depend on a plethora of open source web technologies themselves. It also uses dygraphs, and, of course, seasonal, x13binary and X-13ARIMA-SEATS, the wonderful seasonal adjustment software by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Thanks for your feedback, your ideas and bug-reports. Contact me.