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shinyGizmo is an R package providing useful components for Shiny applications.

shinyGizmo 0.4.2 is now available!


From CRAN:


Latest development version from Github:


Available components

conditionalJS - extended version of shiny::conditionalPanel.

Allows to attach conditional JavaScript action to be run on UI element.

Use predefined actions such as disable, attachClass, css, show, runAnimation or define a custom one.

commonInput(s) - merge multiple input controllers into one

accordion - light and simple version of accordion

modalDialogUI - create modals directly in UI

valueButton - get any attribute from Shiny application DOM objects

textArea - non-binding version of shiny::textAreaInput.

Improves application performance when large amount text is passed to text area. Works great with valueButton.

pickCheckboxInput and vsCheckboxInput - make selection in many groups at once


shinyGizmo is stable but we’re still developing the package. If you find bugs or have any suggestions for future releases post an issue on GitHub page at

Getting help

There are two main ways to get help with shinyGizmo

  1. Reach the package author via email: .
  2. Post an issue on our GitHub page at