This R-package is an extension to the shinycssloaders package and allows for custom css/html or gif/image file for the loading screen. You may include your css/html files or gif/image files for your custom loading screen. There are twelve built in css/html loading screen specified by dnaspin, pacman, loader1, loader2, …, loader10.

You can install this package from github as:




You can see an example shiny app that employs the custom loaders by launching an example app in the package.



The command is a simple wrapper for the shiny output and you can easily specify your own favorite gif (say nyancat.gif) for customisation. Place nyancat.gif in the folder www within your shiny app folder (create one if you don’t have it in your shiny folder).

withLoader(plotOutput("distPlot"), type="image", loader="nyancat.gif")

You can also further customise by inputting your own text as a marquee object with its own style.