The package generates and plots random snowflakes that can be used instead of points. The snowflakes have some useful properties. Just like points in R base graphics, the snowflakes are round, no matter what aspect ratio you are using. Another nice property is that the snowflakes are scaleable: if you increase the size of the snowflake, its crystal width will increase accordingly. Most importantly, there is an infinite number of snowflake patterns that you can choose from. Each pattern is uniquely determined by a random seed. Random seeds are returned so you can reproduce the snowflakes that are your favorite. Snowflakes can be plotted using different sizes, widths, angles, and of course, colors. For more examples please see the vignette.


The goal of this package is to promote the use of programing languages for recreational purposes.


In order to install the package, you can use the following R functions:

install.packages("devtools") devtools::install_github("SvetlanaEden/SNOWFLAKES")


Examples of how to use the package can be found in the vignette. To get the vignette use the following R function: vignette("snowflakes")