R package for sound synthesis and acoustic analysis, version 1.1.0 Homepage with help, demos, etc: Source code on github:

Performs parametric synthesis of sounds with harmonic and noise components such as animal vocalizations or human voice. Also includes tools for spectral analysis, pitch tracking, audio segmentation, self-similarity matrices, morphing, etc.

Key functions:

For more information, please see the vignettes on sound synthesis and acoustic analysis: vignette(“acoustic_analysis”, package=“soundgen”) vignette(“sound_generation”, package=“soundgen”) Or, to open in a browser: RShowDoc(‘sound_generation’, package = ‘soundgen’) RShowDoc(‘acoustic_analysis’, package = ‘soundgen’)



NB: Make sure all dependencies have been installed correctly! For problems with seewave, see On Macs, you may need to do the following: * First install brew according to the instructions here: * Then run the following in a terminal brew install libsndfile brew install fftw * Finally, install soundgen in R: install.packages(“soundgen”)