R package streamMOA - Interface for MOA Stream Clustering Algorithms

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Interface for data stream clustering algorithms implemented in the MOA (Massive Online Analysis) framework. This is an extension package for stream.


Stable CRAN version: Install from within R with


Current development version: Install from r-universe.

install.packages("streamMOA", repos = "https://mhahsler.r-universe.dev")


Create 3 clusters with 5% noise.


stream <- DSD_Gaussians(k = 3, d = 2, noise = 0.05)

Cluster with CluStream.

clustream <- DSC_CluStream(m = 50, k = 3)
update(clustream, stream, 500)
## CluStream 
## Class: moa/clusterers/clustream/WithKmeans, DSC_MOA, DSC_Micro, DSC 
## Number of micro-clusters: 50 
## Number of macro-clusters: 3

Plot micro-clusters.

plot(clustream, stream)

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