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{summclust} is an R module for cluster level measures of leverage and influence, and further implements CRV3 and CRV3J cluster robust variance estimators.

For a quick overview of different CRV estimators, take a look at the cluster robust variance estimation vignette.

For a very detailed description of the implemented methods, in particular a discussion of the different leverage and influence metrics, see:

MacKinnon, J.G., Nielsen, M.Ø., Webb, M.D., 2022. Leverage, influence, and the jackknife in clustered regression models: Reliable inference using summclust. QED Working Paper 1483. Queen’s University.

For the Stata version of the package, see here.


You can install the development version of summclust from GitHub and r-universe with:

# from r-universe (windows & mac, compiled R > 4.0 required)
install.packages('summclust', repos ='')

# install.packages("devtools")