This vignette covers changes between versions 0.2.4 and 0.2.5 for additional texts and fonts customization enabled for subtitles and captions.

Survival plot


Compare the basic plot

fit<- survfit(Surv(time, status) ~ sex, data = lung)

# Drawing survival curves
ggsurvplot(fit, data = lung)


with the plot where every possible text on a plot is specified

ggsurvplot(fit, data = lung,
   title = "Survival curves", subtitle = "Based on Kaplan-Meier estimates",
   caption = "created with survminer",
   font.title = c(16, "bold", "darkblue"),
   font.subtitle = c(15, "bold.italic", "purple"),
   font.caption = c(14, "plain", "orange"),
   font.x = c(14, "bold.italic", "red"),
   font.y = c(14, "bold.italic", "darkred"),
   font.tickslab = c(12, "plain", "darkgreen"))

Risk table

Now allow risk.table to be displayed.


Please compare basic plot with a risk table

ggsurvplot(fit, data = lung, risk.table = TRUE)