This is an R package to generate tabular summaries in formats commonly found in scientific articles, and export them to Office-compatible spreadsheet document (.xls/.xlsx).

It answers a need commonly encountered by

The package’s functions save tedious work in converting R output to “normal human” summary tables. They also help ensure reproducible data analysis. One can see this as an Office-compatible version of ‘xtable’.

The underlying functionality to open, write and manipulate spreadsheets is provided by the XLConnect package, which in turn relies upon rJava.

List of major functions:

Also worthy of mention is niceRound, a generally useful utility that reports numbers rounded to the actual specified number of digits, rather than annoyingly dropping digits if the number is “too round”.

This package is available on GitHub (live copy) CRAN (periodic updates). If you get it from here, then when compiling the package, you might need to roxygenize to get all the help files.

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