tidymv: Tidy Model Visualisation for Generalised Additive Models

CRAN checks R-CMD-check

This is the repository of the R package tidymv. This package provides functions for the visualisation of GAM(M)s and the generation of model-based predicted values using tidy tools from the tidyverse.


The package is on CRAN, so you can install it from there with install.packages("tidymv").

If you like living on edge, install a polished pre-release with:

  build_vignettes = TRUE

Or the development version with:

  build_vignettes = TRUE


To learn how to use the package, check out the vignettes.

# Check available vignettes
vignette(package = "tidymv")

# Open vignettes
vignette(<vignette-name>, package = "tidymv")