Tidy methods for Bayesian treatment effect models

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tidytreatment is an R package that provides functions for extracting tidy data from Bayesian treatment effect models, estimating treatment effects, and plotting useful summaries of these. This package closely follows the output style from the tidybayes R package in order to use some functions provided by tidybayes.

The package currently supports the following models:

in addition to models supported by tidybayes.

See this HTML vignette or vignette("use-tidytreatment-BART") for examples of usage.

How to install


Install the release version from CRAN with install.packages("tidytreament").


To install the latest development version:

  1. Make sure at least one of the above model fitting packages is installed.
  2. In R make sure remotes is installed. Install with install.packages("remotes").
  3. Run remotes::install_github("bonStats/tidytreatment")