This is a RStudio addin that finds all TODO, FIXME, CHANGED etc. comments in your project or package and shows them as a markers list.



How to use it?

When you write an R package, sometimes it’s useful to note in comments that there is a place for improvement.

simple_function <- function(a, b) {
  # TODO in the future it should be multiplication
  a + b

With TODOr, detecting such places in the forest of code lines is simple. There are several options to do so. You can click at “Addins” button in the top panel and select “Find package TODOs” or “Find project TODOs”) from the list of possible options:

Addins panel
Addins panel

It is also possible to call todor directly from RStudio console:

> todor::todor()

or you can call:

> todor::todor(c("TODO"))

to limit todor detection only to "TODO" tags.

HINT: By default todor works on projects, but you can call todor_package to search an entire package.

Regardless of the option that you have chosen, as a result you should see the Markers tab next to your console window in RStudio.

TODO Markers
TODO Markers

To perform the search on a single file just call:


What can it detect?

By default TODOr looks for the following notes: