{updateme} modifies library() to tell you if your packages are up to date when you load them:


You can install {updateme} from CRAN like so:



To use {updateme}, simply call library(updateme) before loading other packages. You may find you’d like to have {updateme} available all the time; in this case, consider adding this snippet to your .Rprofile:

if (interactive()) {


Package sources

By default, new versions of packages will be looked up from the location where they seem to have been installed from. If you installed from CRAN (e.g. using install.packages()), {updateme} will check CRAN for a newer version, and similarly with packages installed from Bioconductor, GitHub, and GitLab.

Occasionally you may want more control over where {updateme} looks for new package versions. You can configure this behaviour, including turning {updateme} off for particular packages, using updateme_sources_set(). If you want to temporarily disable {updateme} entirely you can do so using updateme_off().


Some caching of downloads is used to make most calls to library() pretty quick. The cache resets every hour, but you can configure this like so:

# Set the cache expiry time to 30 minutes
options(updateme.cache_expiry = 30)