vader 0.2.1: - Tibbles do not work in the vader_df function. Worked around this by unlisting tibbles within the vader_df function. - neu_set = F previously had a bug where booster words were still being counted. This has been fixed. - vader_df previously returned numeric results as factors. This has been fixed so vader_df returns numeric results. - Addd error testing and warning messages. - get_vader and vader_df now clean text of quotation marks, which can otherwise cause errors. Users can set rm_qm to F if they want to include quotation marks. (There should be no need for this unless the lexicon or special dictionaries are updated with new words/emoticons that include quotation marks.)

vader 0.2.0: - Changed get_vader function so that it returns 1 index item with a character string of individual word scores (instead of multiple index items for each individual word score) - Changed get_vader function so that it returns a named vector of NAs if the text is blank (rather than a single NA) - Simplified vader_df function, changed to lapply rather than for-loop

vader 0.1.1: Fixed bug where text documents with single words would match with idioms containing multiple words.

vader 0.1.0: Contains a new function that calls getVader() on multiple text documents and returns a dataframe of results.

vader 0.0.2: Minor bug fixes have been completed:

1.) The previous version crashed when emoticons started with open parentheses/brackets, such as :( 2.) The Vader lexicon had a handful of duplicate entries. The sentiment scores will return the average of any duplicate lexicon entries.