wyz.code.offensiveProgramming releases


last update on 2020-01

offensive programming

Latest release replaces fully older ones, that are now considered obsoletes. Keep the pace, and upgrade your packages to use the latest version!

1 Release 1.1.17

Main improvements are

  1. removed environment variable OP_TYPE_FACTORY management. Replaced by options(‘op_type_factory’)
  2. removed environment variable OP_AUDIT management. Replaced by options(‘op_audit’)
  3. removed default valued argument functionParameterTypeFactory_o_1 = retrieveFactory() from many functions, as it is useless and can be directly accessed/determined by the code.
  4. Changed field function_name to name in packageFunctionsInformation for consistency reasons
  5. packageFunctionsInformation renamed to opInformation to avoid name collisions through packages
  6. opInformation verified and upgraded
  7. R code - 34 exported functions, 6 internals
  8. manual pages - 36 files
  9. tests - 37 files, 450 tests
  10. vignettes - 1 file
  11. code as data - 39 files
  12. Timing: tests 8s, checks 36s

2 Release 1.1.16 - January 2020

Main improvements are

  1. Added methods verifyFunctionArguments to simplify input parameter type checks implementation

3 Release 1.1.15

Main improvements are

  1. Added methods identifyOPInstrumentationLevel, retrievePackageFunctionNames
  2. Upgraded packageFunctionsInformation
  3. Added many new classes in sample-classes.R to ease demo and increase reuse
  4. Updated vignettes
  5. enforce package test coverage higher than 99%.

4 Release 1.1.14

Main improvements are

  1. Added print methods for FunctionParameterName, EvaluationMode and TestCaseDefinition
  2. solved issue on FunctionParameterTypeFactory when dealing with empty vectors as parameters
  3. added new suffixes spi, sni, spr, snr
  4. removed folders full-instrumetation, no-instrumentation, tc-defs, frt-defs from inst/code-samples

5 Release 1.1.10

Main improvements are

  1. Added many tests to work with RC, S3, S4, R6 classes
  2. maintained higher code coverage higher than 99%

6 Release 1.1.9

Main improvements are

  1. corrected many typographic errors in i/o with end-user
  2. completed unit tests
  3. enforced higher code coverage from 75% up to 99.28%
  4. changed many functions visibility from hidden internal to package to visible end-user available.
  5. completed documentation
  6. cleaned up package dependencies.